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Kod.eX Compilation

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26 exclusive tracks !



Kod.eX , an event organization based in Paris/France, will celebrate its 4 years of existence in December 2009

 with 11 parties to its credit.

27 international artists of the electronics/industrial scene have played live at Kod.eX, representing well-known labels like

Ant-Zen, Hymen, Hands, Ad Noiseam, Brume Records, M-Tronic, Audiotrauma and have made of this Parisian organization

a highlight for the electro/industrial freaks!

It's now time to pay tribute to all those who made what Kod.eX is today.
And what's best than a double CD compilation gathering all the artists who contributed to the success of Kod.eX ?

This compilation will feature exclusive and unreleased tracks from Imminent, Iszoloscope, Asche, Mono No Aware, Roger Rotor, This Morn' Omina, Mlada Fronta, Oil 10, Flint Glass, Empusae, Twinkle, Ab Ovo, Lith, Detritus and many more !

Conscientiously  selected by DJ Kyronn, this compilation is a blend of ambient, electronica, breakbeats, dark-hop,

digital hardcore, harsh industrial and much more …A must have for all fan of experimental electronics!


 Track Listing :

CD1 :
01 – Empusae / - morbid (ex-koded)    8:26
02 - Mlada Fronta / -YEAR 6     4:49
03 - Dither / - d10526    7:38
04 - Cdatakill / - did i just eat a stripper    5:37
05 - Sonic Area / - nevermore    4:43
06 - Le Diktat /. - Ennemi intérieur    4:03
07 - This Morn'Omina / - te tamari nua tua -liberI-   4:06
08 - Tzolk'in / - Chikchan (Live at Kod.ex)    4:53
09 - Flint-Glass / - Incantation    5:48
10 - Detritus / - Watching The Watchmaker    4:31
11 - Ab Ovo / - Praying on my mind    5:47
12 - C.h.District / - e.n.d.    4:10
13 - Oil 10 - Solid Sun    4:12

CD2 :
01 - LITH / - Embryo    4:39
02 - Casual Violence - Self (Element Abuse remix)    6:55
03 - Ex Tension /. - Le Complexe    4:14
04 - Twinkle / - Le passage de Wormholes  4:03
05 - Fractional - Pharsedic    3:57
06 - Asche / - steamroom (count sucker's reprise version)    4:37
07 - Chrysalide / -  noize guerilla (gangstanoize remix by Sonic area)    4:53
08 - Roger Rotor - codeine    4:25
09 - Sylvgheist Maëlström – 280109    6.48
10 - Sulphuric Saliva / - Painkiller    5:04
11 - Mono No Aware / - as an intro    4:18
12 - Imminent / - Samba Mit Mir    3:47
13 - Cenotype - Unearth Me ( Iszoloscope mix)    4:42

13 - Cenotype - Unearth Me ( Iszoloscope mix)    4:42




 Reaching its fourth year of existence in December 2009, the Parisian association Kod.eX teamed up with Brume Records to release a music compilation to celebrate the occasion. Compiled by DJ Kyronn, the double-disc "Kod.eX Compilation" showcases the work of most of the artists who performed at past Kod.eX events. This is one of those compilations that could well be a mixed bag but the fact that it is quite solid throughout is certainly testimony to the care that was put into selecting the talent that performed at the Kod.eX events and, one hopes, an indication of what might come in the future.
Despite the expected strong French presence, the track list for both discs reveals something of a 'who's who' of international underground electronic talent, with many of these artists having performed at Kod.eX events before becoming achieving their current relative prominence. Disc one is perhaps the most coherent of the two and also the easiest listen, evolving from dark ambient to electro, through subtle electronic and IDM to dub and darker soundscapes, industrial hip-hop, tribal, ritual and breakbeats. Disc two, on the other hand, despite a relatively chilled tribal beginning, has a stronger focus on harder sounds, mainly rhythmic noise and industrial along with some cyberpunk thrown in for good measure. The flow on both discs is also quite remarkable, especially considering the variety of styles presented, making them quite enjoyable listens from beginning to end (though disc two may feels just a bit confusing in the final tracks).
Among such a wealth of talent, it's quite difficult to objectively decide on this compilation's highlights. Though material by better-known names like This Morn' Omina, Iszoloscope (through the remix of a Cenotype original), Roger Rotor, Detritus, Cdatakill and the Flint Glass/Tzolk'in/Empusae 'trinity' correspond to what one would expect, it's perhaps the lesser-known artists (some of whom have achieved greater international notoriety in the recent past) who deliver quite a few pleasant surprises. Dither's subtle electronics, Sonic Area's haunting soundscapes and Le Diktat's particular brand of industrial hip-hop are definite highlights of disc one while, on disc two, Chrysalide's aggressive cyberpunk, Ex_tension's electro-industrial and Fractional's manic d'n'b are particularly deserving of attention (and, if Fractional's track is any indication, the coming album on Tympanik Audio should be interesting).
In a nutshell, the "Kod.eX Compilation" is an amazing compilation that successfully manages to integrate a variety of seemingly unrelated styles into a coherent whole with nearly flawless flow, testimony of the talent and skill of those involved in the Kod.eX nights, from the organizers to the artists who performed there. Definitely a must for anyone interested in good music.
-- Miguel de Sousa [9/10] http://www.connexionbizarre.net


L'association Kod.eX ne fait pas les choses à moitié. Pour preuve, la double compilation [Brume Records] Kod.eX sortie cet automne afin de célébrer ses quatre années d'existence et qui présente des titres récents et tous inédits d'artistes qui ont participé aux fameuses soirées parisiennes. Des artistes dévoués à la même cause, partageant un amour immodéré pour la musique électronique, qu'elle soit de tendance ambient, IDM ou ethno, pourvu qu'elle soit suffisamment sombre. Et c'est ainsi que l'on découvre en avant-première un extrait du prochain Mlada Fronta parmi d'autres noms prestigieux et habitués de ces lignes tels qu'Empusae, Oil 10, Flint-Glass, Ab Ovo et tant d'autres.http://www.premonition.fr


Nice intiative from Kod.Ex, a french collective all about industrial music and shows, who have gathered here new material from 26 of their friends and acquaintances. The french scene gets the lion share, of course, with acts such as Mlada Fronta (presenting a track from an allegedly forthcoming album), Tzolkin / Flint Glass, Dither or the whole Noxious Art fest. Ad Noiseam is represented with new tracks by Cdatakill and Detritus, and we also get some treats from the likes of Imminent, Roger Rotor or Empusae, among others. All in all a fine, varied and charming double CD of industrial tunes, and a solid compilation. Ad Noiseam


Kod.eX is an event organization based in Paris/France which will celebrate its 4 years of activities in December 2009. This double compilation released by Brume Records gathers 26 bands that have played at Kod.ex and which represents the main core of today's industrial electronic scene as they have released their music through Ant-Zen, Hymen, Hands, Ad Noiseam, Brume Records, M-Tronic, Audiotrauma, etc. The first half of CD1 amazed me for its atmospheric continuity: Empusae, Mlada Fronta, Dither, Cdatakill, Sonic Area (they present a great track titled "Nevermore" where classic atmospheres a la Ennio Morricone are mixed with electro industrial rhythms creating a breathtaking effect), Le Diktat (industrial hip hop is the definition I'd give to their "Ennemi intérieur") are giving their best mixing melody, electro industrial rhythms, dub and synthetic sounds creating good tracks where atmosphere and rhythm are the main elements. With This Mourn' Omina atmosphere changes a bit thanks to their minimal approach to melody. Also the following four acts follow a minimal approach to sound where melody is present but sound and rhythm manipulation is more important. Tzolk'in (Live at Kod.ex), Flint-Glass, Ab Ovo and C.h.District sound more industrial and tense compared to the previous bands (Detritus aren't included into this list as "Watching The Watchmaker" sounds like a spy movie electronic soundtrack). This change again with the closing track composed by Oil 10 ("Solid sun" sounds like an electro track influenced by Vangelis music). With the second CD industrial distortions and industrial electro sounds are under the spotlight with LITH, Element Abuse, Ex Tension (their "Le complexe" mix industrial and electro e.b.m.), Twinkle ("Le passage de wormholes" mix breakbeat rhythms, electro industrial sounds and particular melodies which seems to be sampled from a carillon), Fractional, Asche ("Steamroom - count sucker's reprise version" is a distorted tense monster with dramatic atmospheres), Chrysalide ("Noize guerilla - gangstanoize remix by Sonic Area is a sort of industrial e.b.m./black metal blend), Roger Rotor, Sylvgheist Maëlström, Sulphuric Saliva, Mono No Aware ("As an intro" is an hypnotic industrial loopy track), Imminent and Cenotype. Personally I preferred the first CD as it was less focused on a "physical approach" but you know... this could not be true for you, as usual.



Brume records is coming back after a short silence with double compilation and cooperation with organization Kodex has mixed for electronic community really colorful cocktail, with its exclusive content and really various projects that are fighting between themselves with their production, that gathers various styles of electronic happening on world scene. Bright scale of various styles through darker bodies to danceable styles or technoid confrontations. Many famous names and pile of exclusive material dedicated only for this compilation, that will really make happy and fill the most demanding listeners. On purpous I won't mention individual projects in various moods. This cd is a must have! It's an obligation!  http://www.aliens.sk/


Das Kod.Ex ist ein Event, das seit mehreren Jahren in Paris organisiert wird und Insustrial-/Ambientfans nicht nur ihe Musik liefert, sondern auch immer wieder Bands einlädt, live zu spielen. Das Konzept ging auf, und „Kod.Ex“ erfreut sich immer größerer Beliebtheit, darüber hinaus bekommen Labels wie Ant Zen, Brume, Hymen oder Hands die entsprechende Plattform, um ihre Bands zu präsentieren. Nun gehört es ja auch zum guten Ton, eine gut laufende Veranstaltung auch mit einer CD zu würdigen. So haben sich hier auf zwei Silberlingen die Bands versammelt, die auch schon bei „Kod.Ex“ live zu sehen waren. Dabei haben sich die Macher dieser Compilation nicht lumpen lassen und viele namhafte Bands wie Empusae, Flint Glass, Oil 10 und Mono No Aware versammelt. Und als ob das nicht genug wäre, sind ein Großteil dieser Songs noch gar nicht veröffentlicht worden. Während die erste CD sich mehr in Richtung Dark Ambient und Trip-Hop bewegt, greifen bei der zweiten CD auch schon mal härtere, vertracktere Beats in die Kompositionen. Einige Schmankerl sind unter anderem Oil 10, die mit „Solid Sun“ wieder einmal beweisen, dass sie im Geiste Jean Michel Jarres Musik machen, ohne aber in eine Vergötterungsstarre verfallen und keinen Fortschritt mehr zulassen. Auch Fractional mit ihrem wahnsinnigen „Pharsedic“ gehört sicherlich zu den Highlights – ein Track, dass mit Extasy-Melodien und einem Bassgewitter alle Sinne anspricht. Auch „Painkiller“ von Sulphuric Saliva mischt verzerrte Beats und erstaunlich melodische Parts miteinander und schafft so eine schwer greifbare, aber gleichzeitig faszinierende Atmosphäre. Für Freunde der experimentellen Elektronik wahrlich ein Must Have. Von Anfang bis Ende geil. http://elektrauma.de


VA: Kod.eX

From the darker end of the electronic spectrum comes this twenty-six-track collection of exclusive and unreleased cuts from twenty-seven artists with ties to Hymen, Ad Noiseam, Ant-Zen, and Brume. As selected by DJ Kyronn, the collection's intended as a tribute to artists of the hard electronics-industrial scene who've enabled Kod.eX, a Paris-based, event-hosting organization, to reach four years of age (as of December 2009). The collection serves up two hours of viral settings teeming with subterranean bass throb, heavy breakbeats, and menacing electronic atmosphere.

The opening tracks set the scene: in a patiently executed and effective slice of cinematic mood sculpting, Empusae establishes the album's brooding tone with nightmarish gloomscaping and propulsive beats in “Morbid (Ex-Koded)”; Dither's “D10526” combines King Crimson-oid, John Wetton-esque bass lines with aggressive beats and synth atmospheres; and “Did I Just Eat a Stripper” serves up five writhing minutes of trademark Cdatakill slither. Variations on the general theme follow: goth-punk electronica (replete with harpsichord) from Sonic Area (“Nevermore”), banging hip-hop with shredded vocals and a horror show edge from Le Diktat (“Ennemi Intérieur”), and locomotive industrial-techno by Casual Violence (“Self (Element Abuse Remix)”). Industrial electro-funk (LITH's “Embryo”), fidgety breakcore (Fractional's “Pharsedic”), and pounding paint-peelers (Cenotype's “Unearth Me (Iszoloscope Mix),” Flint-Glass's “Incantation,” Mono No Aware's “As an Intro,” Roger Rotor's “Codeine”) also appear, with the nadir reached in Imminent's squealer “Samba Mit Mir.” While much of it's in a similar industrial-electronic vein, some tracks—not as many as we'd like—offer a refreshing respite from the style: Oil 10's “Solid Sun” ends disc one with a refreshing dose of melodic electro-pop, while Detritus's “Watching the Watchmaker” is a memorable slab of piano-laced gothtronica.

Only one cut qualifies as irredeemably ugly—Chrysalide's “Noize Guerilla (Gangstanoize Remix by Sonic Area)”—(though Nine Inch Nails fans—I'm not one—would probably love it) so you may want to skip it when it shows up in the middle of disc two. To be honest, by the time Chrysalide's track arrived, my interest had already begun to wane but then again I'm not the biggest fan of the genre. The collection is obviously designed for the listener with an insatiable appetite for all things industrial-electronic as opposed to one with merely a passing interest in the style. The latter may find Kod.eX to be more an exercise in endurance than anything else.

January 2010  http://www.textura.org/


-Bands: Mlada Fronta, This Morn'Omina, dither, Empusae, Oil 10, Flint-Glass, Lith, Fractional, Mono No Aware, Imminent, Cenotype and many more.
-Comment: Brume Records here for sure has released the 'must have' industrial compilation for the end of 2009! 26 names from the wide industrial fields have been selected for this "Kodex"-sampler. All these bands ever played at the Kod.eX festivals, which explains the title of the sampler. The opening cut from Empusae (cf. "Morbid - Ex-Coded") is a real first high light. The cinematographic atmospheres from Empusae are filled with dark and mysterious sounds while an upcoming rhythmic joins in after a few minutes leading this piece to climax. Mlada Fronta coming next with the dubby-rhythmic "Year 6" is another great piece. After this great start we get a few other cool pieces from projects like Dither, Le Diktat and the more into mystic and tribal sounding This Morn'Omina (cf. "Te Tamari Nua Tua -Liberl-") and the excellent Tzolkin (cf. "Chikchan - Live at Kod.eX"). Flint-Glass and C.H. District are delivering each a pretty exciting cut as well, but Oil 10 definitely brings the last high light from the 1st disc. Oil 10 remains once more into its typical astral bleep electronics and "Solid Sun" is definitely a well-crafted cut. The 2nd disc features several great cuts and surprises as well. Element Abuse, the more industrial sounding Ex Tension and the harder, bombastic electronics of Fractional are pretty exciting cuts. Chrysalide with the "Noize Guerilla - Gangstanoize Remix by Sonic Area" is one of the few tracks withy vocals. This song will eventually remind some early Skinny Puppy sounds. Mono No Aware launches the harder industrial sounding "As An Intro" followed by the cool "Samba Mit Mir" fromImminent . Cenotype brings this sampler to a great end with the This Morn'Omina tribal sounding "Unearth Me - Iszoloscope Mix". A few more interesting projects on this 2nd disc are Roger Rotor, Asche and Sulphuric Saliva! The sampler features 26 exclusive tracks and that's for sure another good reason to put your finger on this essential compilation!
(DP:9)DP.  http://www.side-line.com




Kod.eX - базирующаяся в Париже промо-группа, которая организует тематические idm-электро-нойз-индустриальные вечеринки и концерты. В декабре 2009 года промо-группе исполнилось 4 года. За плечами у нее 11 успешно проведенных мероприятий. По этому случаю совместно с лейблом Brume Records была издана компиляция с экслюзивными треками 26 интернациональных артистов, которые участвовали в концертах Kod.Ex. В основном это хорошо известные всем любителям современной альтернативной электронной и экспериментальной индустриальной музыки проекты, прописанные на лейблах ant-zen, Hymen Records, Hands Productions, Ad Noiseam, Brume Records, M-Tronic и Audiotrauma. Такие имена, как EMPUSAE, MLADA FRONTA, DITHER, CDATAKILL, LE DIKTAT, THIS MORN' OMINA, TZOLK'IN, FLINT GLASS, DETRITUS, AB OVO, C.H.DISTRICT, OIL 10, LITH, TWINKLE, ASCHE, Roger Rotor, MONO NO AWARE, IMMINENT, EX TENSION и FRACTIONAL не нуждаются в специальном представлении. Их релизы неоднократно освещались на сайте Machinist. А вот с музыкой групп ELEMENT ABUSE, SONIC AREA, CHRYSALIDE, SYLVGHEIST MAELSTROM, SULPHURIC SALIVA и CENOTYPE мне прежде не приходилось сталкиваться. Тщательным отбором композиций для сборника занимался DJ Kyronn. Резиденту вечеринок Kod.Ex удалось соблюсти хороший баланс между дарк эмбиентными, атмосферными и авангардными электронными треками и массивным, драйвовым ритмичным трибально-нойз-индустриальным материалом, который легко раскачает самую требовательную и прогрессивную публику на танцполе. Нашлось на двух дисках немного места и для брейкбита, дарк-хопа, digital хардкора и harsh индастриэла. Отмечу, что атмосферная и ритмическая общность предсказуемо просматривается в звучании треков EMPUSAE, MLADA FRONTA, LE DIKTAT, THIS MORN' OMINA, TZOLK'IN, FLINT GLASS и AB OVO. Пожалуй, именно эти группы делают музыку, которая мне сегодня наиболее близка в духовном плане и интересна с технологической точки зрения. Также отлично выступили на своих звуковых территориях проекты DETRITUS, C.H.DISTRICT, OIL 10, LITH, ELEMENT ABUSE, EX TENSION, TWINKLE, FRACTIONAL, ASCHE и MONO NO AWARE. Некоторым из этих музыкантов удалось меня по-хорошему удивить своими свежими электронными разработками. Треки остальных команд не вызвали у меня сколько-нибудь заметного отклика в силу их стилистических/звуковых особенностей либо по причине их абстрактности, чрезмерной "классичности" или же из-за банального отсутствия ритмического (эмоционального, мелодического) драйва и некоего концептуального стержня. Разумеется, эти оценки очень субьективны, но зато вы можете сравнить свои ощущения после прослушивания перечисленных композиций с моими выводами. Как я уже сказал выше, большая часть материала "Kod.eX Compilation" является эксклюзивной, то есть ранее ни в каком виде не выходила. Единственное исключение - трек "Year 6" MLADA FRONTA, который доступен на редком виниле "Le Cycle Du Soleil". Причем в основной массе задействованные музыканты не просто отбыли некую формальную презентационную повинность или "отмазались" проходными вещами, а предоставили для сборника действительно свои сильные и интересные композиции, которые должны очень порадовать и заинтриговать как давних фанатов, так и новых слушателей. А это означает, что "Kod.eX Compilation" удалась на славу и рекомендуется к обязательному прослушиванию всем "машинистам", которым небезраличен интеллектуальный, прогрессивный по внешней форме и глубокий по внутреннему содержанию, богатый на грувы и визуально насыщенный сектор современной мрачной экспериментальной электро-нойз-индустриальной музыки. На мой взгляд, "Kod.eX Compilation" - лучшая компиляция 2009 года и еще один релиз лейбла Brume Records из разряда must have!  [CD1: 9,5 баллов / CD2: 8 баллов]  http://www.machinistmusic.net/reviews/vakodexcd2009.html